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Peanuts, in old China, has another name called "long life fruit''. In the well-known book "Pilgrimage to the West" there are also plenty of stories about how people search, or dream for such kind of fruits to be immortal. To us, peanut is something comes down from the history, from fairy tales yet it's still quite practical, helpful and affordable to our daily life.
We have the same dream and we believe that all the efforts and perseverance made towards it will be honored.
We are proudly to be people who serve for the peanut industry, stick to food safety and strive for excellence, tirelessly.

After ten years in trading peanuts, in 2003, we built our own 1st factory in the peanut harbor, Qingdao port in China. It's now both BRC A and HACCP certified, with the capacity of processing up to 40,000mt of peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds annually in the same place, an over 40,000 square metre plant at the town called Jiaolai, which is about 80km from the Qingdao city centre.
Our core products are still peanuts, including raw peanut inshell, shelled kernels, blanched peanut kernels, roasted peanut kernels and inshells.......we act as a reliable food ingredient partner to most of the 1st class industries in the nut and fruit world, our devoted clients. Our philosophy is to pick the right thing and choose the right people to work with, and do all that we can to grow together. 

"You will not probably fall hard when you are well down to the earth", it's another old Chinese saying we follow. We try to stay well grounded, to establish a solid base for our global partners. While upholding the traditions we embrace changes, challenges and new Techs, fully motivated to learn and improve at any time. 

All our dear old and new friends will be warmly welcomed to visit us, in Qingdao, the land where we have planted our heart, sweat and hope.

Work hard; Play hard; Appreciate the nature. Having the "long life fruit", we will keep on striving for Excellence.

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